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What Make us to Begin is the Need of Perfect Natural Skin Product

Fleur de fozz is a name that arrived from flowers of fozz. The main concept behind Fleur de Fozz is to introduce organic products after analyzing that many people suffer from skin damages by applying chemical filled makeup and by taking facials, make over, cleansing etc from local parlors. Fleur de Fozz observe that Makeup has become a basic need, so we decided to make organic products that are free from harmful chemicals.

Our History

We Scramble best Products that Refreshes your Inner Beauty!

The first product manufactured was Enzyme Skin Polisher which is also considered as Fleur de Fozz’s key product. This polisher take 2 years to come into being after having multiple laboratory test. After going through some steps we finally decided to introduce it in the market. Afterwards this product gets a lot of popularity in US and majority wants to buy this product.  Now we have 5 exciting and long lasting lipsticks shades and a Moisturizer that is applied after polisher.


We Scramble best Products that Refreshes your Inner Beauty!

The positive reviews of customers take our projects to the sky and now it is successfully selling throughout USA. So, we started to manufacture it on a large scale to give maximum productions to our happy customers. We think to introduce it out of US. we decided to target Pakistan first and now exporting this product throughout Pakistan! Your positive reviews and support will high our morale and let us to make more natural products for you.


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