Enzyme Skin Polisher

USD 30.00

Gently removes dead skin cells, fight against sensitive skin problems and reveals glowing healthy skin!


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Product Description

The Enzyme Skin Polisher is a lab tested and organic peel that is formulated for dark spot removal to expose a glowing and healthy skin. This makes skin soft like baby skin, fresh and smooth and a best skin polisher for dead skin on face.

Directions to Apply it:

You can apply it gently to remove dead skin cells over your face except eyes. Apply peel to sit up for a minute and then rub it gently with dry fingers in a circular motion until you get small form of beads of your skin. When beading get stopped rinse your skin with warm water and dry it.

Note: Store it in a dry and cool place. Not suggested to use during shower.

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Total Reviews: 2

This is an incredible brand indeed, I usually buy Fleur de Fozz products. My skin is sensitive and I cannot use any other product but Fleur de Fozz’s products suits on my skin and this enzyme skin polisher save my skin from sensitivity!

Annie Ali – Mar 07, 2018

Very effective skin polisher. girls having sensitive skin should definitely try it.

Ramsha Afzal – Mar 07, 2018

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